Hey everyone, I hope you are all safe. I wanted to offer an update on the plan moving forward to re-opening the theatre. At this time, it looks like the theatre won’t be opening until late July or early August. As far as logistics are concerned, it just doesn’t make sense to open earlier than that due to films being pushed to the fall. We most likely will open by showing some classic films or have some more unique things on the docket for the community to come and enjoy. We will be using the down time to touch up the place and tackle some projects such as touch up painting, organizing, and deep cleaning of the auditorium.


These are crazy times, and it’s important to stay vigilant in our social distancing practices to ensure our community stays safe. When people return to the theatre, I want people to feel comfortable and safe so they  can enjoy the experience. We will be around, you’ll most likely see me working on the park next door and getting that beautified this summer. If anyone has questions or something they want to talk about, please feel free to message the Facebook page or send an email to whitehallstartheatre@gmail.com. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Stay Safe and look out for one another,

Colton Anderson