I hope everyone is healthy and staying safe. As most of you know the current pandemic has thrown the country for a loop, especially the entertainment industry. We were hoping to open at the beginning of August but the target has now shifted to the end of August. The hope is by the end of the month the amount of cases in the state and hopefully country, will trend back down and allow us to open in a more safe environment, also allowing us to start having new releases to present to the town.

The lot next to the theatre which has been deemed the ‘Main Street Green’ is coming right along. Since the last update we have been able to have the lot hydro-seeded and have the Shed built. The lot has taken to the hydro-seed much better and faster then expected, there are still a few areas that need time to thicken up but overall we have been very happy with the results. We would like to host an event in this new event park before the cold shuts us out for the year. We are currently talking about hosting one in late August or mid September. Two main factors we are discussing have to do with making sure the grass has had enough time to take and fill in before we allow large numbers of people on it and most importantly Safety. Hosting an event where people will feel and be safe joining in on the festivities is our top priority.

I want to take a minute to thank Mark Nelson and his hard work on the sprinkler system and hydro-seeding and also Breining Homes on their help building the shed, both businesses did exceptional jobs and are true assets to the community.


Remember to be safe and be kind to one another, cant wait to see you all at the theatre again soon.


Please reach out if you have an questions or comments either on Facebook or through our email at whitehallstartheatre@gmail.com