It’s been over one year since the theatre has been closed due to covid. The last film shown was ‘Call of the Wild’ on March 15, 2020. Some days it feels like we just closed a couple weeks ago and some days it feels like ages have gone past. I know this has been a terribly difficult time for a lot of people and the sacrifices that have been made to keep others safe has been high but looking out for your fellow neighbor is what makes us a community. Thankfully with the aggressive roll out of vaccinations we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. The theatre industry is like any industry, we are supplied the goods to then sell to the public. In our case it is the major studios who produce the movies then supply them to the theatres to show. Now that a lot of the country is starting to open again, studios are starting to cement release dates, which in turn means the theatres have something to show the public again.  

Like I have said in the past the opening of the theatre is very fluid, but I would like to have my doors open again sometime in late April-Early May. My goal has always been to re-open when I know I can stay open, and I still stand by that sentiment. In the coming weeks keep an eye out on here and the Facebook page for when we will be re-opening. I’d also like to hear from the community on what films you are looking forward to the most and what to see play in the theatre when it re-opens. Thanks again for all who have supported the Star Theatre and I hope to see everyone at the movies real soon.

Also if you haven’t been vaccinated and want to be please reach out to the county health department or the Whitehall Medical clinic to see when you can get your shots.

Whitehall Medical Clinic- (406) 287-3003