New Prices for Concessions

Hey everyone, I wanted to let people know that starting this week the prices for the concessions at the theatre will be increasing. Over the last 5 years supply costs have increased and I’ve kept prices the same but the time has finally come that I have to raise prices a little to keep pace. This last year has been difficult for lots of business but I have been surprised how much harder its been to find things like popcorn bags, and during the pandemic my popcorn supplier decided to discontinue selling popcorn and that one aspect doubled what I now pay for popcorn. As most people know movie theatres make most of their money from the selling of concessions, this is why lots of theatres have $10 popcorn. Ticket sales get split between the theatre and the studios and more often then not the studio gets most of those funds. Tickets will stay the same for now and if I ever change that I will also let you know. I wanted to let everyone know before they come in and were surprised. Thank you all for your support over the years and hope to see you all at the theatre.

Tickets: $5

New Concession Prices

Soda: Sm: $2:50 Lrg: $3

Icee: Sm: $3.50 Lrg: $4.50

Popcorn: Sm: $2 Med: $3 Lrg: $4

Candy: $2.50

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  1. How far ahead do you list upcoming movies? Are you films typically family friendly options?Do you always do Sundays at 2:00. Trying to plan an activity for our monthly mentor program. Will be around 15 people


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