New Prices for the New Year

Hey everyone, with the start of the new year I am going to have some price changes at the theater, and I wanted to be transparent as to why. Since covid the price of my supplies have doubled in some cases, for example I used to be able to get a bag of popcorn for $30 and now that same amount is close to $70. The same goes for Popcorn bags which are much harder to even obtain. Pepsi and Icee continuing to charge more each year for the products. I have always maintained that I want the theater to be a place people can come and enjoy a movie with out paying an arm and a leg to do so, so I will not be jumping to main stream Theatre prices but going up by a little to help off set costs and keep the doors open. I hope everyone understands and I hope to see you all at the theater this year. Below I have posted the new costs for the theater.

Med pop: $3
Lrg pop: $4
Med Icee: $4
Lrg Icee: $5
Sm Popcorn: $3
Med Popcorn: $4
Lrg Popcorn: $5
Candy: $3

Tickets: $6

Theatre Rental(off normal schedule) : $300

Ad Space (per month) :$40


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